One day I turned around, looked at life- Bespectacled, and realised I was off course.


Hi! I’m Carly, (AKA Bespectacled), a nurse who earned her masters degree, then decided to start working in a nursery, and ended up in marketing…

The story of how my life changed so much all began with a tiny pot of dirt and a seedling popping up.

A decade ago, we started a tiny garden. Before too long, the garden started changing the way I thought about the world. Not only did I feel more engaged with what I was eating, I could better recognise the value in fuelling the intricately designed body I was given with vibrant, life giving produce. The garden, I believe, was the first real time I had a proper look through my spectacles and starting asking questions, some of which I didn’t yet know the answer to.

Questions like:

Why are we all so busy?

Do people actually know what it means to have a healthy life?

What am I here for?

Am I living my life to its full potential?

In my work as a nurse, these questions starting carrying over. I felt a growing sense of frustration as my busy shifts were always so full of tasks and it was difficult to sit and chat with people. I loved nursing in so many ways and always felt it was such a privilege to care for people in their times of pain and sickness, but I wanted more. I wanted more time with people and the ability to encourage and challenge them to take charge of their health. My passion for Lifestyle Medicine was growing. My belief system was changing.

Then one day, I saw myself in an older nurse who was close to retirement. This nurse had so many regrets about the things she wished she had done years ago. That was the day I became fully, consciously Bespectacled. That day, I drew a line in the sand, took a deep breath, and decided it was time to be real with myself. I quit my career to pursue my passions, even though I didn’t quite have a plan just yet.

So today, as every other day since then, amazing things are happening. No, I don’t have a big plan with everything worked out yet. I have dreams which are, as I look closer at them, becoming more focused and I am learning to be strong in the waiting. Living a Bespectacled Life isn’t glamorous or easy. Sometimes it doesn’t even pay the bills (there is another whole blog in that statement!).

Any courage you may see in making a decision to live bespectacled is not for my praise- the only reason I can face my unknown future with peace is because of The Cross. I know that I can live a vibrant, Technicolor life full of open doors because I know the end of the story already- and it’s a good ending! Jesus told us

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

John 10:10

Oh, and also, I have a crazy, funny, supportive bunch of 3 boys that I call family too…one is my husband! He is the craziest and funniest of them all. I love them dearly, they make my life amazing and I know they are supporting me in this leap!

Living life together for 13 years now!

So what is this blog about? This blog is a place I passionately hope and pray will become the hub for a community of like-minded people who want to push their limits and grow into a purposeful and healthy life. A life where its ok to get it wrong and eat junk sometimes, sleep in, struggle with emotions, question faith and actually be a REAL person. A life of possibilities!

This blog is for anyone who is brave enough to even wonder what life would be like if they had a closer look at it. For those who wonder if there is more. For anyone who ever thought they could change the world. For anyone who loves the sun soaked veggie patch, the challenge of a blank page or an open door. Come and journey, let us examine the world and let us choose to live…

A Bespectacled Life