Body Garden God Series- Part 2: Our Amazing Garden





Welcome back! Today we are going to explore the concept of the garden and how I believe it relates to optimum health. First, let me share something with you…

The garden ties the Creator to His Creation (that’s you!) in a powerful way that provides the backdrop for a life of adventure and purpose…




This has been the most fantastic discovery I have made in my short 33 years on this planet. No kidding. Have I emphasised this enough?! Gardens for me are synonymous with nature. The beach is a garden, the forest is a garden and my veggie patch is a garden. Here are some thoughts on why the garden is so central to living a life of abundance.

The garden provides everything we need to thrive- physically.

I just read my own heading and thought “that’s a big call, can I say that?’

I’m saying it!

We access the richest sources of nutrition for our bodies through the garden. From vitamins and minerals, to antioxidants and fibre, gut bacteria, protein, complex carbohydrates and fats, the garden provides us with pre-packaged solution to health that science is now telling us is far more powerful than any single tablet containing these compounds. We were created for life and vitality, and He gave us the garden to deeply nourish and heal our bodies from illness and injury.

The garden provides everything we need to thrive- emotionally.

Sound far-fetched? Consider a time when you have made a grass head with your child, or smelled a rose and offered it to someone else to admire, or simply enjoyed the sunset in a park, being alone with just this scenery filling your senses. (if you haven’t done any of these, I highly recommend!) These occasions provide a deep way to connect with others or create an environment for mindfulness and rejuvenation.

Through laughter and excitement as the grass seeds germinate, through the enjoyment of a shared fragrance, or by creating a memory that will sustain us in hard times, the garden creates spaces and places for us to live and play and re-connect to the deepest and most important parts of life. Relationships, awe, simplicity and mindfulness.

The miraculous wonders found in the garden direct us to question how and why life began and if that matters.


For me personally, the garden constantly reiterates that God is indeed real and living. I cannot watch in wonderment as a seed I have planted germinates, or a flower head opens, and then say this was all an accident. It is simply too depressing and does not make any sense. I really do believe He created the garden for us to be constantly reminded of Him and challenged to stop and ask deeper questions about life.




The garden unifies us despite our ethnicity, culture or language.

Everyone can access a garden. Truly. I use the term ‘garden’ for any form of natural nature space. In sub-Saharan Africa there is garden. It may look different to the jungle in the Amazon, but still it is there for all to experience. In New York, Tokyo, Seoul, there are gardens. If you can’t find one nearby, it’s time to buy a little pot and plant something in it, just to be a part of this amazing phenomenon. We are tied together as a humanity through our gardens!

Gardens help us create sensory experiences that add depth of meaning to our lives and vivid memories.

Gardens are cool, hot, wet and dry.

They are brown, green, orange and red.

They call us to play, be prepared, carefree and careful.

Gardens are spicy, fragrant, sweet and bitter.

They are quiet, loud, silent and deafening.

Gardens are scratchy, soft, smooth and rough.

Take your shoes off if you are able to today and stand on a natural surface. Grass, rocks, sand, whatever is somewhere close by. Use your senses to engage with this experience and create a memory. Immerse and enjoy your square of creation…pay attention to your surroundings and take a moment to capture a memory.

Keep an eye out for Part 3 in this series: The God I Can’t Ignore.

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