Spring has sprung!




Ok. Here goes. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve had this blog sitting here since February. I have let it sit unattended for this long because I think I’m afraid of failure. I haven’t quite figured out my style yet or what exactly I am aiming for my content to be, what if nobody reads it and I don’t even own a camera yet!

How silly- I’ve forgotten before I even started that this blog will be what it becomes and that I am interested in generating conversation around living life- bespectacled…looking closer, choosing on purpose and withOUT fear or ‘what ifs.’

Plus, it’s spring. Spring for this garden girl is seriously the best. It’s not too hot, not too cold, the garden is in bloom, I smell the change of season on the breeze and I just really love life at this time of year. Seeya later stinkin winter!

So, today I decided to take action and just write something and that will be that. The beginning. That blog you write, then look back on in the future and cringe at how bad it really was.

The flowers in my garden are really stunning right now. This borage flower got me this morning…

When I looked at it and saw the open car in the background, I had to smile at the little whisper God sent me in this borage flower. In the whisper, He said ‘I’m here, providing you moments to pause, enjoy, take a breath and refocus.’

On the way to work this morning I realised that it is moments that make up a lifetime. The more moments we can choose to live on purpose, the better.

Then I got to work and found a copy of Kids in the Coast Magasine with my full length article about travel with a purpose. Another moment! This moment was one of excitement- I am taking baby steps in my new life! Tentative, considered…and on purpose baby steps. I am closer today than I was six months ago to where I want to be. This is me, real. I can’t be bothered to be anything else!

So here it is, the first blog.

I hope you too can find a moment in one of Nature’s gifts this spring…

(PS I did it!)

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