Kia Ora from New Zealand!

As I sit here typing at the computer writing this blog, I am very aware of how long in has been between visits. 2017 has passed and with it, we have reflected on the many memories made. Memories of flooding, grieving, waiting for test results, sitting bedside family after major surgery, rebuilding, replanting, returfing. Memories of bonds formed between neighbours, sunflowers on a pets grave and a standing ovation to celebrate the legacy of a job well done. These are fleeting moments in a year that was filled with highs that made us laugh and dance and lows that had us sobbing and holding each other up. Somewhere amidst these moments, blogging fell completely off my radar and I was ok with that. So many poignant moments for writing have come and gone. How I wish I was better at scribbling notes, so that perhaps I could go back and write them down. Yet here we are, well into 2018. Life has a habit of moving forward, and there is much news to share.

When I started writing this post, I was sitting in a tent, using up the battery I had on my laptop, while the boys were at the beach catching worms, swimming in the ocean and turning a deeper shade of bronze. It was a beautiful and wonderful time.







We have made many choices over the last few months (anyone who knows us will know this is not easy!) and we have made it to the other side. We have, honestly and without abandon, decided to live A Bespectacled Life. Our boys aren’t getting any younger, and this is our Carpe Diem moment. So, without further ado, let me fill you in!

  1. We are living in NZ for 12 months. Matt has taken on a fantastic role in our church that will see him doing a fair bit of travel around the North Island of NZ, and we have decided to run into the opportunity with faith and joy.
  2. I just became and accidental-on-purpose-home-school Mum. Yikes, saying that out loud is a little terrifying. Mainly because I love schools. I’m not a disgruntled parent thinking I can do a better job. I don’t have tendencies to be anti-establishment, and I believe my kids have been taught by teachers who are skilled, passionate and fantastic at what they do. We wanted an adventure this year. A way to experience life on purpose (Bespectactled). With Matt doing a bunch of travel in NZ, we figured this was a great way to take the kids learning and hit the road. I am an advocate for learning in nature, and what better place to do that than NZ?
  3. RE: the above statement, I also just became an unpaid teacher as my ‘job.’ This is bittersweet for me! Leaving a job I started 2 years ago and loved, in a completely new field…well, I would have liked to hone those skills a little more. Living Bespectacled is all about walking into the unknown on purpose and finding the opportunities that present themselves. With faith, I will move forward. God help me (I’m not swearing, that’s a serious comment!) I will need patience and likely be on my knees much of the day as I navigate the learning of my 8 and 11 year old boys…how do you do long division on paper again?
  4. We literally just finished our flood recovery, packed our gear and left our house to be rented. This broke my heart and was a huge relief all at once. Bless our friends, they came to help us after the flood and we made a big veggie garden. A very big garden. Then I drew grand plans for the ‘extra little bit’ of garden that was going to be ‘low maintenance.’ Fast forward to the end of the year, and I found myself wandering the space we had shed blood sweat and tears for and I was overwhelmed. At least the metres and metres of turf we laid only needed mowing! I love all things garden, but in 2017, I  learned a very big lesson. My dreams are sometimes too big for my reality…

It was really hard (but in some kind of weird catharsis, a relief) to finally plant all the trees into the chook run, finish the fences and all the gardens and then look at it all and say ‘seeya later.’ Such is life.

We don’t foresee this next chapter in our lives to be another 13 year epic journey. Who knows what the future holds. The only thing we know for sure is that we only get to do this life once and we really do want to live A Bespectacled Life. Its not just the name of this blog, it’s the reason I started the blog. Because we should all try to live our lives that way. On purpose, not on accident, living from one thing that happens to us to the next. We all need to grab onto the life we have and make it matter. So here’s to making memories, finding new challenges and being joyful in the daily grind (I’ll be sure to read this when I am hiding in the bathroom with a cup of tea trying to have a moment of quiet whilst the boys are calling out “Mum, I don’t know how to do this!”).


I would love you to join us as we start this epic journey. If you want to follow us, be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can keep up to date with what we are doing…


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  1. Jackie hopkinson
    March 18, 2018 Reply

    Hi Carly, it was so nice to read your blog this morning. Congratulations on making it to the other side! It’s been an epic few moths for you all, good on you for embracing this new experience of growth and learning.
    I think of you often as I draw pleasure from the beautiful sunflowers you planted between the tiger grass ( which is really putting on some growth now😊).
    I’m off outside to spend some time in the garden today on this glorious Sunday🌿🌸
    Sending love and blessings for all the adventures to come xx Jackie

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