Part 4: Putting it all Together



If your curious but can’t be bothered reading all the blogs in this series, this is your blog! It sums the other three up nicely!

So…I have been harping on about these three concepts (Body, Garden, God), and my blog is categorised into these three concepts also. You might be wondering why I am so passionate about these three key areas and why they all relate to each other (or maybe you are already on the same wavelength!)

First, I want to tell you about someone I recently heard speak at the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s Inaugural conference. It was a fantastic conference, but one speaker in particular really stood out. Mark Wahlqvist took to the stage and proceeded to discuss why we need to recognise how ecological we are as human beings. He linked medical studies with gardening, gardening with biodiversity and all of it with a profoundly simple message: we must stop looking for an easy cure all to disease! There simply isn’t one.

My philosophy is that gardens have a far reaching impact on health. Here’s why.

Gardening and or exposure to nature, have been reported in many studies as having the potential to lower

  • Stress
  • The risk of developing dementia
  • Pain
  • The likelihood of developing depression and anxiety

Studies also show that gardening can improve:

  • Our sense of wellbeing
  • Weight loss
  • Physical fitness
  • Fruit and vegetable consumption (when specifically discussing fruit/vegetable gardening)
(Links to studies that make these claims can be found at the bottom of the article if you would like to read them.)

I also know from personal experience that there is a Designer behind all of this, and that adds a depth to my life that I cant fill with anything else.

Put simply, we don’t reach the full measure of our potential until we understand and apply Body, Garden and God concepts into our lives.

I have come to recognise through my work as a nurse (I am fascinated with anatomy and physiology), how wonderful, amazing and astounding our bodies really are! This goes way deeper than skin bones and muscles, to the very core of our ability to think, choose and reason. I believe that when we understand how incredible the human body really is, we all of a sudden start to care about how we fuel it, and when we see the array of health benefits in eating based around foods from the plant world, and pause to consider that they were created for us to enjoy, we also pause to reflect on the concept of “design” rather than “evolve”.

True living starts here! I love love LOVE writing this post, it really is the sum passion of my heart, to see others pause to reflect on this- I know I am not saying anything new here, neither did I create this concept, but it is one we often overlook or don’t put together. We get busy, we get tired, we sometimes just do life, one step in front of the other without looking up and enjoying the scenery.

So…why is this important?

I sat here looking at my heading and trying to formalise my answer into words and suddenly realised I needed a break! It has been a long morning of writing drafts for blogs and as I asked myself why is this important I hit a brain slump. LOL. I figured I needed to stretch my legs. I found myself remembering that our raspberry bush is just beginning to provide us with the odd ripe raspberry, so I wandered down and to my excitement, found one! Before long, I had the answer to my question, and a quick photo from my phone to illustrate!

Everything in the palm of my hand comes from my garden. A tomato, raspberry, strawberry, a nasturtium flower and the pretty little flower from the wayward watermelon vine that is taking over like a weed!

Why does this matter? Its the whole point actually. One 5 minute break in the garden gave me back my writing mojo, it inspired me, and I felt myself emotionally lift as I immersed myself in the natural surroundings of my backyard. Studies are great and we need them, but we also need to just experience nature and let it do its thing on us…in us! All of the health benefits are really a side effect to the main reason most gardeners and nature lovers spend time doing what we do…its because it just makes us feel so good and rejuvenates us!


Hence, I chose to call this blog A Bespectacled Life. Because we all need to pause, reflect, put on our spectacles and re-asses where we are right now, and where we want to be. To really get up close and personal with nature, to ask big questions and treat ourselves with a little kindness.

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  1. Sharon
    March 8, 2017 Reply

    Mmmm need to get into the garden! Thanks Carly enjoyed this.

    • A Bespectacled Life
      March 17, 2017

      What is in your garden at the moment, you famous potato growers!!

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